Somaliland: Minister of Defense Refutes Munity in the Army


Somalilandsun:The minister of defense Mr.Issa Ahmed Yusuf has denied allegation that a
battalion of Somaliland army has defected to the Puntland, administered
region of Somalia. The minister claimed that this information is pure
malice by the propagators of anti-Somaliland agenda.

Speaking to journalists in Hargeisa the minister stated that Somaliland
army is full of loyalists’ soldiers who are above petty propaganda by
enemies of their country.

“This fake news circulating in some news networks is lies about Somaliland
army which is a bastion of discipline and integrity. These people want to
sow discord in our army through cheap propaganda emanating from enemies of

The minister promised to tour Erigavo, Badhan and Kalshale during the
celebrations of Somaliland National Day slated to take place on 15th May