Somaliland:The Personalities of FMs Appointed by Administrations of Presidents Egal, Rayale, Silanyo and Musa


Somalilandsun:When you gauge the political situation of the Horn of Africa region many political commentators think Somaliland needs a brand new foreign policy that can withstand the unpredictability of the political climate of the region.

The people who have learnt political science and international relationship feel that the political earthquake caused by Mr.Abiy Ahmed ascend to power may have negative ramifications since it lacks a serious foreign policy.

All previous administrations including the incumbent president Musa Bihi Abdi have surrounded themselves with men and women to guide their foreign agenda and as foreign policy advisors. Let start with the former presidents foreign policy paths herein…..

Mohammed Haji Ibrahim Egal

President Egal appointed the late Mr.Mohammud Salaah Nuur (Fagadhe) as the
country’s chief diplomat. During his tenure he opened many doors for Somaliland. He was the pioneer of Somaliland/Ethiopia diplomatic relationship.

He was replaced by Mr.Abdihamid Garaad Abdigani this was during the creation of the Somalia government in Djibouti whereby Mr.Abdiqassim Salad Hassan was appointed president.

Then Mr.Mohammed Said Gees was named foreign minister who left at the ministry disposal many reports about Somaliland which he had authored. He was also president
Egal’s right hand man who had help shape Somaliland’s foreign policy.

Dahir Rayale Kahin

His first appointment to the foreign ministry was Mrs.Edna Adan Ismael who was famous for defending and championing for Somaliland’s quest for self-determination. She brought immense development to the foreign ministry.  She is also the only woman in the Horn of Africa to lead the ministry.

After Mrs.Edna departure came Mr.Abdillahi Mohammed Dua’le who made a name for himself by introducing Somaliland to many African countries as friends and went further to make contact with US government.

President Rayale also had other personalities with in-depth knowledge of foreign affairs such as Mr.Hussein Ali Dua’le (Awil). In this respect president Rayale had shoulders to lean to whenever he needed foreign policy experts’ judgments.

Ahmed Mohammed Mohammud (Silanyo)

When president Silanyo came to power he appointed the ruling party
secretary of foreign affairs as the new foreign minister he was Mr.Mohammed
Abdillahi Omar (Bajaj) he was the first foreign minister to open direct
talks with Somalia while the international community graced the conference.
He also the architect behind direct assistance by donors to Somaliland
which used to be short changed by the Somalia regime which took development
aid intended for Somaliland. He was also instrumental for Somaliland
president meeting with the then British PM Mr.David Cameron. He was
followed by Mr.Mohammed Bihi Yonis who played the role of bringing together
the president of Somalia Mr.Hassan Sheikh Mohammud and president Silanyo in
Djibouti. He also had a lot of friends in the diplomatic world who helped
to ease for him meetings with leaders. He resigned his post which was taken
by Dr.Sa’ad Ali Shire. Dr.Sa’ad initiated the DP World investment to
Somaliland and the UAE military base at Berbera.

Musa Bihi Abdi

The incumbent president Mr.Musa Bihi Abdi has been in power for almost a
year he has appointed two foreign minister. Upon ascending to power he
retained Dr.Sa’ad Ali Shire a remnant of the Silanyo administration and in
a recent mini reshuffle he appointed Mr.Yassin Haji Mohammud Hiir Faraton.
During Dr.Sa’ad reign at the foreign ministry the Somalia/Somaliland talks
stalled forcing many politicians in the country to criticize his agenda for
the nation. He is also renowned for being honest clean from the filth of
corruption. Mr.Faraton is currently touring the USA however time will tell
since he has come at a time when the political temperature in the Horn of
Africa region is hot. President Bihi is in a different situation from his
predecessor since he comes when the politics of the Horn Region moving in a
different direction.