Somaliland:EU MP Speaks About Somaliland Quest for Independence


Somalilandsun:Hon. James Carver who is a member of the European Parliament and represents the West midlands area of the UK has called on the people of Somaliland to
increase their effort to seek for independence from the international
community. The EU MP held an exclusive interview with the Horn Newspaper
and Somaliland sun website. Hon. Carver stated that the former Somaliland
government strategy for seeking independence was the right one but this
time it needs to be overhauled and new strategic plan redrawn to catch up
with the changing tides of political waves.

The EU representative stated that he does not think that the recently held
conference in Hargeisa whose theme was ‘Friends of Somaliland’ will bring
any substance in Somaliland wellbeing. The MP was however skeptical about
the military base established in Berbera by the UAE which the former
Somaliland president Ahmed Mohammed Mohammud (Silanyo) signed but welcomed
the port investment herein is the excerpt from the interview.

Q: How do you gauge the recent conference in Hargeisa whereby what the
country’s accomplishments were discussed

A: Sincerely speaking the meeting was worthwhile since Somaliland
achievements and challenges were put across. But I don’t think such a
conference will add any value for Somaliland determination to become an
independent state since all the participants were in one way or another
supporters of Somaliland.

Q: Do you think the 27 years Somaliland has been lobbying to become an
independent state has paid dividend

A: I believe Somaliland had a good strategy at the onset but a question
lingers in my head has Somaliland improved or made changes to her plan to
suit the current changing times. The international community are not stuck
to a one Somalia policy but have decided that let the Somalis decide their
future through negotiations. They used to say that the UK will be the
second country to recognize Somaliland but the first one should be an
African country. If the AU supports Somaliland sovereignty the
international community will follow suit. In reality it is upon Somalia
and Somaliland to reach an amicable agreement to part ways peacefully.
About Somaliland approaching Russia and China for support, I suggest that
Somaliland should engage any country that can help it gain recognition.

Q: Who amongst the Somaliland presidents over time has achieved much in
terms of lobbying for the country’s independence, since you are avid
supporter of Somaliland independence?

A: Every president encountered different challenges during their reign
since all of them used the little resource they had to further the agenda
of independence.

Q: What role can the EU and the British government play to develop
Somaliland’s sociopolitical, security and economy environment?

A: I think the British government and the EU will continue to assist
Somaliland financially. I don’t think there will be any political movement
in the near future.