Somaliland:The Benefit of UAE Military Base in Berbera Outweighs the Threats” Says Foreign Minister


Somalilandsun:The Somaliland minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation
Dr.Sa’ad Ali Shire has put into equilibrium the benefits and dangers posed
by UAE military base at Berbera. The foreign minister was mentioned in
lengthy articles written by the Daily Telegraph Newspaper. The article
touched on the dangers posed by an arms race developing in Horn of Africa
region whereby foreign powers are fighting to control the Suez Canal and
Somaliland in the middle of it.

Minister Sa’ad said that he understands the dangers that can arise should
another country be attacked from Somaliland territory as a result of
revenge by the victim of the aggression. He added that the benefit of the
military base outstrips the hazards.

“The UAE agreement to set military base in Somaliland will bring the much
needed jobs to a country whose 75% of her population is idle. They will
also construct the Berbera/Wajale road that links Somaliland to Ethiopia
and be a catalyst to economic development following the trickling of
investment into Somaliland.” Dr.Sa’ad said.

Speaking about the risks the minister stated “We have put things into
perspective we know another country could suffer as a result of the
military base being used as a platform to raid other countries,
nevertheless the benefits of the base are numerous.”

The Daily Telegraph also cited the Berbera International Port MD Mr.Said
Hassan Abdillahi. He said that the coming of DP World into the picture has
changed the dynamics since investors have gained confidence to invest into