Somaliland: Ministry of Education Milestones for 2012


Joint MOE, UNICEF & EU Pension Fund CommitteeFor the upcoming year, what do we expect from the Ministry of Education?

By: Liban Ali H. Raabbi

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – The Ministry of Education has achieved a myriad of successes as pertains to the development of Education in the country during 2012.

This is as per study contact by Daad Foundation a local NGO in pursuit of establishing, what has the Ministry of Education & Higher Study achieved in 2012

according to the study report from Daad Foundation Organization the tangible development and improvement that the Ministry of Education & Higher Study has achieved for the year f 2012 is due to the proper management systems which have been put in place by Minister Hon Zamzam Abdi Adan, General Director of Education Mr. Mohamed Hasan Ibrahim, General Director of Higher Study Mr. Khaddar Ahmed Deria and relevant Ministry officials.

In the year of 2012 Ministry of Education had executed the following articles:

• To make special box for the Ministry of Education.

• Succeeded in securing External Scholarships for the Students in Malaysia, Turks, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia.

• increased Internal Education donations (Internal Scholarships) to the local Students.

• planned to boost up girls education, right now they provided University scholarship education to 27 girls had graduated from SOS School and they won to train for teacher and now they taught.

• Focused on to get free university education for Orphanages, veterans Children’s (Sooyaal).

• won 2479 students in 17 schools whose were learning AlternativeGirls enrolment has increased under Minister Zamzam Basic Education, right now they were transferred in the formal education and 199 teachers are now in the formal schools.

• implemented special Publishing Printing press for Ministry of Education

• Managed to publish Curriculum books which caused to provide one book for two students.

• Ministry of Education had also published book student’s statics Lower/Upper and now distributed. • Ministry of Education has managed to establish studio for disbursing educational programs

• Employed and trained 2700 teachers

• Institutionalized disciplinary laws and committee to deal with errant teachers

• Facilitated the Strengthening Capacity of Teacher Training-SCOTT program which it jointly implements with a number of partners

• Facilitated the construction or rehabilitation of over 50 primary and secondary schools nationwide

• Availed transportation to the Hargeisa Orphanage and Ayaha School as well as the Sahil and Sool regional Education Coordinator Offices and National Examination Council

• Drafted and started Implementation of a five years Ministerial Strategic plan

• Establish a Universities supervisory committee

• Facilitated the rehabilitation of the Burao Technical School and trained staff

• Initiated the examination of students from technical school

• Surveying suitable locations for construction of regional and district level technical institutes

• Received and utilizing a $ 15 million Educational Development Grant from the European Union

• Established the country’s first retirement fund for its staff with 6 elderly teachers first to benefit with an award of $ 10,000 each.

• Facilitated final examination for highest number of students from Primary and secondary schools

• Subsidized Nugal, Burao, Amoud and Sanaag Universities.

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