Somaliland: Stop Misuse of Public Media


Somalilandsun – A wrong is a wrong. Yes, it is not something right.

They say two wrongs do not make a right. Yes, true it is. But when a wrong is righted by a wrong, and another and another, thus infinite wrongs are “justified” to right on original wrong, what can that situation be?

Of course as nationalists we abhor, decry and condemn in the strongest terms possible the use (or is it misuse) of tribal chords struck to play clannish whims for ill-motives.

Worse of all is the trend of allowing such innuendoes to be aired or printed for dissemination through the public media.

By the way, the licensing means that have resulted in the off-shooting of numerous electronic “journals” or “radios” need to be reviewed, or were they in the place ever licensed at all?

To listen to a local “electronic” radio” giving audience to a local “poet” who enters a vociferous, voluble and fire-spitting rhetoric whose vehemence carries all the abilities of war-mongering is not only dangerous but so inconvenient that we wonder who ever licensed such “freedom”.

To listen to war-mongering in song or poetic disguise only remind us of the Rwanda mass massacre that were not only catalyzed, but indeed, ignited and caused by radio stations.

For such a wrong to be countered in the same spirit by another wrongful move only compounds the situation even further and is only to fuel the fire hence the hog-wash would erupt into fire-balls.

So too would other “members” of other “communities” who feel “touched” do the same.

Before the media misuse is allowed to blend and integrate into our culture becoming a “normal in-thing” we should nip it at the bud now.

To the contrary, what we should see in the media should be positive trends. It is quite sad that the Guurti or parliament have forgotten what they are paid for.

Worthy Somalilanders should come fast to our aid and preach goodwill. Cabinet, Guurti, Parliament and traditional leaders should immediately see the dangerous route that the stirring up of tribal emotions may take hence should counter it immediately by disseminating the needful.

We should be responsible and know what is good and what is right. We should know what we are supposed and obliged to do. The media should not consciously nor unconsciously take part to misinform, misinform or equally take part in propagating ill-will through war-mongering propaganda.

The information department should review how local websites and blogs operate for we can no longer discern their agendas any more.

This editorial is in the current issue of the Horn Tribune English weekly newspaper published by the government owned Dawan Media group in Hargeisa, Somaliland