SomalilandSun and Dhaymoole Hold Your Horses!!


Dear SomalilandSun (Yusuf M. Hassan) and Dhaymoolenews (Ahmed Ma’alin),

By: The lion of Hawd

Somalilandsun – While both of you gentlemen are great at what you do, which is journalism, I have to say I disagree with your analysis of Puntland’s planned election and Puntland’s Minister of Interior’s plea for co-operation in your article; Somaliland: Embattled Farole Wants Security Cooperation. 

You should leave politics to the politicians and focus on reporting guys. Abdirahman Farole might be feeling the heat as you have said but that’s normal. Whenever one feels the heat, its natural for them to think of their closest ally, kinsmen and like minded entity.

Abdirahman Farole has been a blessing in disguise for Somaliland and the region as whole. Somaliland should support his re-election and not only see his weaknesses. They say; Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. Puntland’s purported election is attracting all kinds of weirdos and unknown ‘candidates’.

We can’t risk taking chances with the many unknown devils and their true intentions remain unknown to us and to the people of Puntland region. It only makes sense to continue with the progress under Kulmiye government with the same leaders in the region including Abdirahman Farole.

Somaliland needs to hold emergency meeting with the Harti communities and rally the Warsangelis and the Dhulbahante to back Farole once again. Likewise, Hargeisa should wire Farole some hot ‘election’ cash so he can fix Puntland’s parliamentarians, who will be the ones voting.

There will not be normal election in Puntland but instead it will be closed door caucus voting by the lawmakers and thus awarding them for their commitment to Farole’s peaceful policy is key.

The rest of the candidates include many neo-fascist tribal maniacs including Abdiweli Gas. He could throw Puntland ship under Mogadishu and AMISOM. We all know his drive is not Garowe but villa Somalia. Puntlanders such as Farole remain committed to the decentralization of Mogadishu and the federal constitution which is inline with Somaliland’s policy towards Somalia. Ethiopia is the same.

We can’t avoid Mogadishu camping AMISOM in Tukaraq but the locals are always welcome as many of them are there to re-connect with families but Mogadishu has no business.

Farole should continue with his crack down against Khaatumo terrorists and after the election should repay Somaliland’s assistance by avoiding meddling in her affairs.

Today and tomorrow, the greatest danger to Puntland is Mogadishu and Mogadishu is no friend of Hargeisa. Puntland is great buffer zone against the more dangerous Mogadishu who only speak the language of famine, killing, suicide bombing and dragging the dead—-I might include Niiko too

Farole is key to regional stability and both Hargeisa and Addis Ababa need to move swiftly to ensure his re-election by the Garowe Parliament.

Aside from politics, Farole is married to one of our own ladies and therefore it makes even more sense to keep our in-law in power. Like our own Professor Ahmed A. Samatar he too might see the light soon or later and accept that Somaliland is Al Muqadis.

In the past, Farole even warned Mogadishu that his administration would unify with Hargeisa and the northern tip would secede all together. It is not a bad idea.

Hargeisa should always groom the next leader of Garowe and that might mean exporting one or two of the many readily available and wise Hartis across the border. Someone in Kulmiye camp needs to see the light and think visionary.

There are more serious threats than Farole’s horses crossing over into Taleeh and Buhodle.

Guul Mr. Farole (sedi always comes before unknown devils even if that sedi is ibles). Do we have anyone better than Farole for the job in the immediate south-east?

Hawdian Think Tank – the lion of Hawd.

Somaliland: Embattled Farole Wants Security Cooperation