Somaliland: International Donors Team on Development Funding Impact Fact finding


As Kenyan Delegation departs after a high profile three days working tour

Waranade and donors press brieifng in Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland coast guard is set for capacity building by a consortium of the country’s international donors.

This was revealed by the minister of interior Mohamed Ali Waran’ade during a reception for the a visiting 10 member team from international Donors that pools its representatives from the EU, Scandinavia, US and the UN who arrived in the country via Berbera airport on Saturday.

“This visit is Visit very important to Somaliland as the plans have been confirmed of support to anti-piracy activities through equipping and training of the national coast guard and prisons mostly those used to house convicted pirates” said Waran’ade during a joint briefing with team leader of the donor delegation

Minister Waran’ade also revealed that the delegation that visited a number of areas of interest enroute from Berbera Airport have also inspected the condition of prisoners and their treatment at the Hargeisa Central Prison which is funded by the UN and home to several convict pirates whose sentences were effected not only in Somaliland but as far away as Seychelles.

UN Funded Hargeisa pirate prison

On behalf of the visiting team Ms Glora informed that they are happy to be in Somaliland where their activities shall pertain to inspecting development progress and its impact in relation to respective funding by entities represented in the delegation.

As she thanked the team’s hosts and citizens at large for a warm welcome the head of the delegation said “we are very impressed by what we seen so far and on behalf of the contact group we shall give a detailed briefing after our mission is completed.

The delegation plans to be in the country for a number of days in which it shall visit and inspect several development projects funded by member entities as well as parley various stakeholders among them the administration, parliamentarians, civil society Organizations etc.

Listen to the joint press briefing in Somali and English languages

Meanwhile another high powered delegation from Kenya departed the country after three days of visit in which the nine member’s team meet and discussed various political and economical related issues with a diversified stakeholder that included the head of state president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo, parliamentarians and Kenyans resident in the country.

On the second day of its visit the Kenyan team that comprises legislators, Government officials and a personal advisor to the Kenyan vice president inspected the port of Berbera where they were chaperoned by interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran’ade and Port Manager Ali Horhor.

MP Ann Nyokabi briefs local media bewfore departure from Somaliland

“It is hoped that trade and other economic incentives will transpire thereafter between us” said MP Nyokabi as she stressed on the insights acquired on the country’s people, politics and economy especially as pertains to livestock export during a tour that the Kenyan legislator had termed “We are here to learn of your desires and achievements and report back to our leadership”

The Kenyans who said they were very impressed by the democratization and governance in Somaliland also elicited the support of Somaliland as pertains to calls for the ICC in Hague to stop ongoing prosecution of president Uhuru and His deputy Ruto for crimes against humanity pertaining to that country’s disputed elections of 2009 in which over a thousand people died violently.

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