Somaliland:Somaliland/Somalia Dialogue to resume in Ankara on Sunday


presidents of Somaliland and Somalia signing accord in Djibouti in December of last year

• Will they agree to put ‘Issues on Unity and Independence’ on the Agenda?
By: Mahmoud H. Qodah

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland/Somalia talks will be finally resumed in Turkey on tomorrow (Sunday) as Somaliland delegation led by Ministry of Foreign and International Cooperation departed from Egal International Aiport heading to Ankara on Friday to represent Somaliland for the negotiation talks with Somalia Federal Government, after this meeting has been postponed for 3 days.

According reports from Ankara told that the postponement was only a technical one, as the main reason for the postponement was the inclusion of Somaliland citizens in the Federal Government’s Negotiation Committee members. Somaliland Official told the media, the inclusion of the Somali federal minister for information in the negotiation committee was the main reason for the delay, as Somaliland repeatedly stated that it won’t accept if its citizens are not to be excluded in the negotiation talks.
Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and President of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo met last year (December 26 2014) with Djibouti President Ismail Omer Gelle who oversaw the penning of an “Djibouti declaration” and pledged determination to continue peaceful dialogue to overcome their brotherly differences. Parties have agreed to issue a six point resolution where they vowed to facilitate international aid and development support for Somalia and Somaliland.
The two leaders of Somalia and Somaliland also pledged to boost cooperation in Djibouti with a wide array of areas and they expressed determination to hold another round of meeting in Turkey next month (February 2015) where they will have discussions on the important and sensitive points in the agenda which are related to unity and the independence.
In tomorrow’s dialogue, seem to be preparing for a tougher new round of talks, as the dialogue agenda are expected to become more sensitive, for that Somaliland is willingly expecting that the issue related to its independence and sovereignty to be put in the agenda, whereas Somali wants to convince Somaliland to reunite with Somalia.
Somaliland’s suspect of Somalia’s good faith on the talks:

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Somaliland government told several times that it suspects the bona fide of Somalia Federal government on the talks, as they accused Somalia of breaching the provisions of the previously agreed terms. They likewise warned the federal government of Somalia against continued provocation and interfering in country’s internal affairs. Somaliland likewise expressed its concern regarding Somalia’s defiance on inviting the ongoing dialogue to foreign states and organizations, including members of the regional organizations of IGAD and AU.
National Political parties questioned about Turkey’s mediation role:
Somaliland National Political parties (Both ruling and Opposition) officials on the other hand supported Djibouti’s President Ismail Omer Gelle role instead of Turkey government and told that Djibouti President is at a prime position and fully aware of the issues that relates to both Somaliland and Somalia and thus suitable to become the mediator instead of Turkey, who they pointed out to be favoring for Somalia as they reiterated that Turkey’s desire for the talks is to see the reunited Somalia.
Feisal Ali Warabe, Chairman of UCID party has noted, “Turkey provides millions of dollars to Somalia’s development projects. Turkey likewise offered 1500 scholarship for the students of Somalia, and that’s fair, as Turkey only donated not more 4 o5 ambulance trucks to Somaliland people. This can’t become a case allowing for Turkey to take the mediation role, for that Turkey has already been with one side, and not honest about the talks between the 2 sides.”
Status quo:
Somaliland was a British Protectorate and took its independence from British Colony in 26 June 1960. Somaliland has its own territorial integrity and sovereignty and that time Somaliland was recognized by 32 international states, but enjoying its gained sovereignty for only 4 days, it dramatically opted to unite with the rest of Somalia.
Somaliland has reclaimed its sovereignty and broken the merger with Somalia in 1991, after its citizens had suffered in the hands of authoritarian regime’s 30 years harsh rule in Somalia, and almost 50,000 of its citizens are reported to be killed by the regime’s powerful military forces during 80’s after the people’s appraisal against the dictator regime. The regime has been finally toppled by the SNM fighters in 1991.
Somaliland though its relentless effort to gain international diplomatic recognition from the international community, but none of them has yet recognized Somaliland as independent state.
Unlike Somalia, Somaliland has been enjoying relative peace, stability and was free from famine, presence of terrorists, as well as piracy in its territory. Somaliland has successfully held democratic, free, fair and credible elections of presidential, parliamentary and municipalities as well. Power transitions have been done peacefully and credibly. A number of European countries hailed Somaliland for its efforts and success story as they pointed out that Somaliland is only beacon of democracy in the horn.
Somaliland delegation is led by Foreign Minister Mohamed Bihi Yonis and will be accompanied by Minister of Agriculture Mr. Farah Elmi Gedole, Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Mr. Mohamoud Hashi Abdi, Minister of Livestock Mr. Abdi Aw Dahir, Deputy speaker of the house of national assembly Mr. Bashe Mohamed
Analysts claim that those negotiations will remain fruitless as long as there is sanctity of unity for Somalia and inevitability of independence for Somaliland
By: Mahmoud H. Qodah