Somaliland: Somaliland’s Elections 4 Months Left, No Preparation So Far And The Blame Game Initiated


By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye
Hargeisa(Somalilandsun) – Somaliland is too isolated regionally, liaison offices from Durban to Sweden are inactive except London, and Addis Ababa of which works like tourist Haj Guide, and elections are delayed indefinitely by Hirsi the most powerful friendly assistant to the president.

The episode reminded us of the old bad days which many thought we learnt lessons from it or did we not? Election postponement blamed for the EU donors being “defaulted!” on their pledge, said Interior Minister Warana’ade in press conference held in the Capital Hargeisa. Opposition party Wadani leader and the Speaker of Parliament condemned the government’s deliberate act for delaying the elections to extend for more illegal years! “After 26 June, the government mandate over” “we’ll dismantle the parliament and the government to form caretaker government to hold early elections”.
Somaliland entered the worst era since the inception and the president never talked about elections as he took five years nap
The first president Abdirahman Tuur liberated Somaliland from its occupiers thus assigned a day for his unparalleled valor, 1 8 May Day celebrated throughout the world and the nationwide. The late Egal demobilized and disarmed militia and guerilla paratroops and formed the modern framework of government we’ve today. Dahir Riyale has cleansed the country of militancy and radicalism and introduced multiparty politics to replace clan rivalry. He took the country to incredible level of democratization and boosted diplomacy from clannish entity to nation-looking state ” we’re tired of being pushed around by wealthy Islamists few but loud”. Despite the assignation attempt, he remained defiant and never gave up to their demands to make Somaliland look like small Qandahar. But president Silanyo accepted their terms.
President Silanyo won his rival for promising to implement certain goals: securing international recognition and strengthening institutions and disempowering Gar-dagism and distancing his extended family from his office. Unfortunately, Somaliland is far from recognition sandwiched between Rafah and Gaza Crossings. Once week After brutal closure in the face of terror, Bihi Yonis and Waran’ade untiring Spanner 12 are summoned to brief regional security personnel and update the world if Hirsi faith declined in his puritan cult when drone Hellfire missiles annihilated most of the worshipping terrorists from Somaliland whose supernatural dogmas failed to protect.
It lost momentum and felt like Somalia’s autonomies: Turkish ambassador visited Kismayo of Xubin Xeeb while Italian one visited Hargiesa Somaliland/Somalia and opened some workshops in Hargiesa College to halt floods of people to his country.
After five years neither Somaliland’s declared goals of recognition materialized nor security and economy improved.
What’s Elections Purpose?
Election is bigger than Silanyo and doesn’t mean to unseat the aged president with dementia nor Saleban of the Guurti who ferociously reacted to Election Supporters and decried. Elections help Somaliland in so many ways one of which is to restore global credibility as good destination of oil and mining investor companies.
General Energy’s staff has been evacuated from Somaliland like warzone when foreign intelligence in Somaliland hinted massive suicide on their staff and office.
Small Norwegian oil firm and others stated their interest in Somaliland extractive industry, a window of hope but dashed when President Silanyo became rubber stamp for his extended family according to Amin Artist depiction of Silanyo sleeping while Saleban Gaal and Hirsi were tearing the national law book.
Smiles disappeared from Silanyo’s face and he stopped panting when the president Ismail Omer Gheule ordered his border guards to close shared border with Somaliland to prevent terrorist in Somaliland not repeat last year’s attack. What else interpretation for the closure can be given as suicide happened in Mogadishu not Somaliland? Naïve people don’t understand simple matrix. The closure however signaled another important matter: Djibouti government doesn’t see Somaliland any different from Mogadishu but the tail of it.
If elections fails to occur, Hirsi and his tireless spanners will declare Somaliland a “democratic theocracy or dictatorship”, the most successful failure.