Somaliland:Somaliland Refugee and Internally Displaced People Organization Chairman Meet with UNHCR Officials in Hargeisa


Somalilandsun:The chairman of Somaliland Refugees and Internally Displaced People
organization Mr.Abdikarim Ahmed Muhumed (Hiniif) yesterday met with top
officials from UNCHR organization that had jetted into the country.

The chairman informed the UNHCR top officialas that Somaliland is an
unrecognized country hence the hosting of refugees and internally displaced
persons is a burden.

After the meeting Mr.Hiniif informed the press that he had discussed with
the UNHCR officials that they should support Somaliland in catering for the
refugees, internally displaced persons and those fleeing from political
persecutions in their countries.

He went on to reveal that he recently met with IOM top officials he
confirmed that the organization has now merged to become a branch of the