Somaliland:Fifty Days has Passed since the Opposition National Party Called for the Disbandment of Somaliland National Electoral Commission (SLNEC), However the Bad Blood Between the two Still Exist


Somalilandsun:Fifty days has passed since the national party (Wadani) called for the
sacking of the current members of the Somaliland Electoral Commission
(SLNEC) however the tug of war is still ongoing.

The opposition party claims they have no confidence with the current crop of commissioners and said that they feared the upcoming parliamentary and council elections will be a sham. The seven commissioners are on the spotlight because the
opposition party feels cheated in the last presidential election.

The chairman and other leaders of the opposition party WADANI announced on
22nd March 2018 that they have no confidence with the electoral body. They
accused the electoral commission of manipulating the November 2017
presidential election in this respect they called for the firing of the
commissioners so that a new electoral commission with substance could be

President Musa Bihi who was elected on a Kulmiye party ticket and the other
opposition party known as UCID do not see eye to eye pertaining Wadani
proposal. This quagmire between the largest opposition party and Somaliland
National Electoral Commission (SLNEC) is still pending.

Some people who have tried to mediate between the parties; however WADANI
has maintained her objections of the commission continued stay in the
realms of the electoral process and have called for their complete

Up to now Wadani has not yet met with members of the electoral commission.
Information reaching the Horn Newspapers confirmed that Wadani and the
commission are at logger heads.

According to news reaching the Horn Newspaper confirmed that
democratization steering committee or countries that support Somaliland
democratization process are closely monitoring the situation. The
democratization committees always wish that all parties have the right
chemistry with the electoral commission.

A foreign diplomat speaking to Horn Newspaper on condition his name is not
mentioned stated that he does not believe the whole commission should be
sent packing however he voiced his concern about the continued wrangling
between WADANI and the commission does not augur well for democratization
of Somaliland.

The continuation of this fiasco could have far reaching implication of the
upcoming parliamentary and council election slated for March 2019.