Somaliland:Somaliland Government it Take Action against Puntland Following Ambush and Killing of Army Commander in Taleeh


Somalilandsun:The minister of water resources Mr.Suleiman Ali Koore who was accompanied by some member of parliament who represent Sool region of Somaliland spoke about the ambush on Haysimo region administrators this week by a Puntland
militia. During the ambush a commander of Somaliland army for Sool region known as Colonel Suleiman Abdi and the injury of the mayor of Taleeh town.

Reports reaching Horn Newspaper confirm provincial commissioner of Taleeh
escaped by a whisker. The water minister accused the Puntland
administration for the attack and said that Somaliland will respond to the
ambush ferociously.

He was speaking during a press conference he called in his Hargeisa office.
“The Puntland administration sent her soldiers in a planned ploy to
assassinate the entire provincial administration of Haysimo. They ambushed
the administrators at about midnight. The Haysimo administrators were on a
humanitarian mission to deliver food and medicine to the people when the
clandestine attack occurred.”

The minister went on to reveal “This was well planned plot to eliminate the
entire Haysimo administrator Colonel Suleiman Abdi A’ateye was killed
instantly, he was unarmed at the time while his compatriot the mayor of
Taleeh was injured and is in critical condition following multiple
fractures by bullets. This people did not deserve to die because they were
going about with humanitarian activity when they were attacked. The Haysimo
regional governor ran for his dear life after covering a distance of 30 km
escaping from the assassins.”Mr.Koore stated.

The minister said that the government will take drastic action to bring the
perpetrators of this heinous act to book. “We know the people behind this
mischief but let them know we shall not rest until we arrest all of them.”

Hon.Mohammed Abdi Dhakol said that the government and people of Somaliland
will respond in away the Puntland administration will regret why they had
woken the sleeping dog. Hon. Indho Indho stated that Somaliland will not
sit idle and look at Puntland wreck havoc in her territory. He said a good
response of revenge is in the offing to counter this blatant aggression.