Somaliland:Mr. President Do not Forget Former Head of State Dahir Rayale Kahin Counsel


Somalilandsun:The Horn Newspaper Staff writer

Last November a presidential election was held in Somaliland and president
Musa Bihi Abdi was announced the victor. Many people then believed that the
international community attention will be focused on Somaliland like the
world attention was drawn to Somaliland in the 2010 presidential election.
The global community acknowledged Somaliland prosperity and development
milestone stridden without any outside help.

However the 2017 presidential campaign was so vicious that politicians were
spewing venomous sentiments through the media this left a big rift amongst
the populace.

Internal affairs policy

There are two challenges facing Somaliland internal political affairs at
the moment; the El-Afweine conflict and the political divisions within the
populace caused by the last election.

President Bihi inherited a dysfunction government system following a 7
year term of wanton mismanagement and corruption of president Silanyo
regime. However a weightier challenge waiting president Bihi than the one
left by president Silanyo; the division left by the presidential election.

The country is divided as ever the ruling party and the opposition
supporters are still exchanging abusive sentiments through social media
platform the likes of face book and twitter in the same manner as the
electioneering period.

The El-Afwein civil war pitting the two brotherly clans has not yet been
resolved, worse still it keeps recurring. The former administration of
president Silanyo tried to quell the conflict without success.

The highest numbers of casualties in these recurring conflict poccured
during president Bihi reign. Even though president Bihi on several
occasions announced soothing words for the ears to hear through the media
concerning the mediations between the two brotherly clans however his
government has failed to come with a good strategic plan to go about in the
mediation process.

Foreign Affairs Policy

President Bihi has not yet put forward his foreign policy agenda that is
different from his predecessor Mr.Silanyo who was always criticized for a
poor foreign policy lacking direction. The president has not come up with a
news foreign agenda however there are many changes in the foreign affairs
climate of the Horn of Africa region. The changes are enormous different
from what president Bihi was expecting when he was campaigning for office
and when he was sworn in to become the fifth president of Somaliland.

The Horn of Africa region is experiencing a political climate that is
changing at a momentous speed this could also affect Somaliland’s foreign
policy. These new problems facing the Horn of Africa region will force
Somaliland to change the direction of her foreign policy by drafting a new
foreign agenda.

The Tukaraq war is another thorn in the flesh issue that will affect the
foreign policy of Somaliland. Many letters have been jotted by president
Bihi to the UN concerning the Tukaraq fiasco. The president in the letters
accused the UN special envoy to Somaliland and Somalia Mr. Michael Keating
for complicity with Somalia regime to undermine Somaliland.

Economic Development Policy

Somaliland economic footing is not solid because of chain of events such as
the suspension by the Saudi government of livestock import from Somaliland,
endemic inflation and joblessness of the country youths. The country youths
population is about 75% of the population this is according to Somaliland’s
foreign minister Mr.Sa’ad Ali Shire. For the time being the Saudi
government is expected to partially lift the ban on Somaliland livestock
during the pilgrimage season, this however is not official from the Saudi

The drastic measures taken against telecommunication companies and banks to
fight inflation have not yet borne fruit and inflation is sky rocketing by
the day. Basic necessities in most Somaliland town have become expensive
and out of reach of the common man on the street.

The president Musa Bihi Abdi took the mantle of leadership he was given
counsel by Somaliland’s third President Mr.Dahir Rayale Kahin who advised
him on many issues but the most important of all is that Mr.Bihi should
hold the people in unity and promote tolerance of conflicting views. He
asked president Bihi to consult widely mostly people with experience but
the final decision should rest in his hands.

Mr.President the country does not need flowery words that are sweet for the
ears but needs those words changed into action and implemented.