Somaliland:Somaliland Diaspora Agency Boss Hold Meeting with the Immigration Chief


Somalilandsun:The chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency Mr.Abdi Abdillahi Hirsi
(Dayaxweraar) and the immigration department Chief Brigadier Mohammed Osman
A’alin held an extraordinary meeting at the Hargeisa Immigration
headquarters. The meeting comes hot in the heels of Somaliland’s Diaspora
investors in the country complaint about the bureaucratic handicap placed
on them by the immigration department when applying for foreign workers

The meeting was attended by foreign investor’s representatives and some
members of the diaspora business community. The discussed about the
problems they encounter at the hands of unreasonable immigration officers
who harass foreign workers who come in the country to do some technical
jobs that locals cannot do

The immigration boss was flanked by top officials from the visa and work
permit departments that scrutinize the different immigration laws that
explicitly states those qualified to receive Somaliland’s work permit.

Also discussed was surety for foreign employees before setting foot into
the country since some engage in immoral and dangerous criminal enterprise.
It was decided that the importance of many different department of
government with different responsibility should knit a close working
relationship to smoothen the bureaucratic handicap experienced by
investors. For instance Somaliland foreign embassies, the immigration
department and ministry of foreign affairs have to work closely to remove
bottlenecks on investors who bring in more foreign capital and create jobs
for locals.

Las t but not least it was put forward that the right f Somaliland’s
Diaspora business should not be infringed whatsoever.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir