Somaliland:Somalia and Puntland Plan to Cause Chaos in Somaliland will backfire


Somalilandsun:The former minister of defense in president Silanyo’s administration
Mr.Ahmed Haji Ali Adami confirmed that the former president Ahmed Mohammed
Mohammud (Silanyo) on three occasions he helped broker peace amongst the
warring faction in the El-Afweine saga. He added that the current
administration of President Musa Bihi Abdi is ready to finfd a lasting
solution to these recurring problems.

Speaking to the Horn Newspaper on telephone the former minister also talked
about the Puntland/Somaliland war in Tukaraq town and the enmity between
Somaliland and Somalia in the battle ground plus the international
community intervention in the region this is what he had to say “The people
of El-Afwein are brothers from the same father many times before they had
misunderstandings and fought a civil war however in both occasion president
Silanyo intervened to quell the skirmishes. The former president made
peace three times. It is disgusting to see people fighting in the holy
month of Ramadan worse still the last then days which is very blessed.
President Muse is ready make end to this senseless war.”

About Somalia and Puntland the former minister of defense said “Punland and
Somalia are kindling the fire of war. Somaliland is peaceful country which
has no time to engage to useless conflicts however her hand would not be
tied if her sovereignty is compromised by Somalia and Puntland. Even the
international community has called on peace in the region however Puntland
will not desist in engaging in warmongering activities.”