Somaliland:Somalia Sends Plane Load of Military Hardware to Garowe Airport and the Country behind the Illicit Consignment


Somalilandsun:The federal government of Somalia has sent a plane load of military cache
to Garowe, in the Puntland administered region. A reliable source informed
the Horn Newspaper that the cargo plane landed at Garowe three times in the
pas t week.According to our source the plane jetted in from Mogadishu andon the three instances it landed at mid-day. Our informant went further to confirm that upon landing the plane was surrounded by military personnel who loaded the illegal cargo into trucks and carted them away to undisclosed location.

Members of the public were kept at bay from coming close to the plane.
According to our private eye the military consignment was given to the Somalia
government by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after which Puntland was the
recipient of the illicit cargo.

Sensitive information the Horn Newspaper acquired from a source confirmed
that the Saudis had signed an agreement with former president of Somalia
Mr.Hassan Sheikh to support it with military equipment after Mr.Hassan left
office Farmajo regime benefited from the former contract.

It is no secret that the president of Somalia has given Puntland these
military caches to squire it out with Somaliland. An international news
organization reported this week the Somalia president Mr.Farmajo want to
conspicuously side with Puntland.

The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has on different occasions
accused the Somalia president Mr.Farmajo for attacking Somaliland forces in
Tukaraq while masking behind the Puntland administration.

In another development the Wall Street Journal comprehensively reported
about the state of the Horn of Africa and revealed about the military
support the Saudi government gives to Somalia.

“For instance 103 containers of arms reached the port of Mogadishu from
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.” the journal revealed. Wall Street Journal confirmed
that in the aforementioned consignment there were millions of Chinese made
bullets for the AK 47 rifles. The journal went further to reveal that there
were also rocket propelled grenades and other dangerous armor in another 57
containers docked at the Mogadishu port. A foreign diplomat speaking
incognito told the Wall Street Journal that arms of such a magnitude only
seek to start another conflict. God forbid!