Somaliland:Government of Somaliland Refutes UN Issued Figures of the Internally Displaced Persons from Tukaraq War


Somalilandsun:The chairman of Somaliland Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons
organization Mr.Abdikarim Ahmed Mohammed (Hiniif) has confirmed the
official figures of the people displaced by the recent cyclone Sagar that
had blundered Somaliland coastal regions.He revealed that more than 9000 families were uprooted from their homes by the cyclone disaster. “Six regions were affected by the cyclone even though some provinces were
hit harder than others for instance Sanaag, Sahil, Marodijeeh, Gabiley,
Awdal and Selel were affected by the disaster.” Mr.Hiniif confirmed. He added “Although Awdal region was the hardest hit, Lughaya town bore the brunt of the cyclone Sagar.

The chairman went on to give the toll of the death of 50 persons while 70
were injured. Furthermore 100% of the farms were destroyed further the dire
food insecurity in the region, worse still 80% of the livestock population
were wipe out by the cyclone, moreover more than 9000 families were
uprooted from their homes and the destruction of houses and their
livelihood has caused more anguish. He revealed that many school and MCHs
have been wiped out of the map by the cyclone Sagar disaster.

On the other hand the Somaliland Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons
Organization revealed that the real figures of internally displaced persons
in the country are over 150,000. He said his organization is new but have
already planned for the future by contacting a census to find out the real
number of internally displaced [persons and refugees] in Somaliland.

He called the number given of 150,000 internally displaced persons from the
Tukaraq war has been exaggerated by people with political motives; he asked
where they got the figures.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir