Somaliland’s President calls on Somalia to stop aggression


By: Omar Mohamed Farah

HARGEISA-Somalilandsun- Somaliland president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo), has described as “offensive” to Somalia government down grading claims that they added Somaliland for their electoral process in 2016.

President Silanyo accused the weak of Somalia federal government that they ignored the realities and Somaliland’s sovereignty.

Somaliland president stated that his press statement released today. He argued to his counterpart to stopping against Somaliland independent.

“Republic of Somaliland has never part of Somalia, and will not. We have our own functioning government and realized democratic achievements which has been validated the world,” said the president added that “Somaliland will not part of Somalia electoral process.”

Mr. Siilaanyo has confirmed that Somaliland parliamentary and presidential elections will held as scheduled in the next year. “Somaliland parliamentary and presidential elections will be held on the next year 2017. Which are diversed the Somalia electoral process in this year,”President Silanyo remarked that his country is commited to play vital role of security of the horn of africa

The President reiterated that Somali government violated the agreements between Somaliland and Somalia since 2012 which international community were observed.

Somaliland’s president underlined “so far, we confirming the rest of world that Somaliland is committed to continue the talks between Somaliland and Somalia. But Somalia must stop the violation against the decision that the two government leaders singed and offensive actions against Somaliland sovorgeinty.”