Somaliland: State Warns Traditional Leaders against Participation in Somalia’s Electoral Process


Somaliland information minister Osman Sahardid saxardiid

By: Omar Mohamed Farah
HAGIAS (Somalilandsun) – Minister of information and public guidance Osman Abdilahi Sahardid (Adani) warned to traditional leaders of Somaliland to not participate in the Somalia conspiracy of their electoral process.
According to the minister at a press conference in Hargeisa, the Somalia government is interfering the sovereignty of Somaliland.
The Failed state of Somali government claimed that the elders of their country will nominate upcoming parliamentary members includes Somaliland.
“Somalia government policy towards Somaliland is like a day dream. Somaliland is independent country since 1991 and Somaliland has never attended Somalia elections. Somaliland government only has a mandate of its citizens our community, “Said the Minister of Information while adding that “Somalia is violating the previous agreements which Somaliland and Somalia signed in Turkey talks.”
Mr. Osman Sahardid Adani declared to the international community the Somaliland’s stance of pebbling statement issued by failed state of Moqadishu released April 12.
“Somaliland is not part of the elections of Somalia and will not attend as well as it done, “Said the Minister.

Similarly, Somaliland’s interior Minister Ali Mohamed Waran’ade, has warned to the traditional leaders to not participate the plans which are assassinated Somaliland independence. He vowed that the state will punish any Somaliland traditional leader who attends the various Somalia conferences.