Somaliland’s Foreign Policy: A Policy with Audacity and Confidence


Eng Hussein Deyr

By: |Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr| Hargeysa, Republic of Somaliland|

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun) – The State of Somaliland received its independence from Great Britain on 26th June 1960, by Royal Proclamation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In compliance with UN’s procedures to decolonization of former colonies, the official documents establishing the transfer of sovereignty to the Somaliland people were deposited with the United Nations. After the dissolution of the hasty and unsuccessful union with Somalia of the 1960 that never enjoyed a legal basis, in 1991 Somaliland reinstated to its sovereign state in 26th June 1960. It is common knowledge that the people of the Somaliland Republic had not only rendered the biggest contribution to the independent struggle in the colonial era, but surrendered everything they cherished most for the sake Somali Union, including the hard-won independence on June 26th 1960. These facts are not in dispute, though rarely acknowledged by the people of Somalia.

For many years, the people of Somaliland were subjected to a brutal oppression and a systematically ethnic cleansing campaign at the hands of the former cruel dictatorial regime and its ruthless cohorts. Whenever they reflect on those atrocities, it is still burning into their hearts & minds as the model for the highest degree of cruelty and terror against the humanity.

In conformity with International principles for Statehood, Somaliland’s outlook on its right to be independent and sovereign state stands on a solid ground. Somaliland has a very solid legal ground for seeking and demanding tirelessly international recognition. I believe that the international community is making a very serious mistake by ignoring the reality on the ground in the Horn of Africa Region. The Republic of Somaliland is an African Success Story. It is the Beacon of Peace, Stability, Democracy and Development in the Horn of Africa Region.

A foreign policy with audacity and confidence:

To keep pace with the transnational security and geo-political challenges as well as the economic and diplomatic relevant matters in the Horn of Africa region and beyond, a kind of thoughtful foreign policy with courage and daring instinct is of a paramount importance. This is the only way to serve and safeguard the ever more shifting geo-political interests of our country and people. Within a short period, the government of President Ahmed M.M. Silaanyo has spearheaded a different but smart foreign policy approach which undoubtedly will contribute to the long-awaited recognition of our country. The current Somaliland’s Foreign Policy approach is a hopeful and an encouraging sign for all peace and development loving Somaliland citizens, which is already resulted that our country makes the necessary diplomatic and economic progress into the right direction.

With the mind into the historical facts of our country and the errors and misjudgements made in the past by Somaliland’s political elites, the current Somaliland’s foreign policy focuses on the future and the way forward. It is a policy that explores more and more diplomatic boundaries and pushes to secure our country’s interest in exceptionally difficult circumstances. Somaliland’s foreign policy is a policy with audacity and confidence that breaks the barriers of self-imposed exclusion and limitation of the last two decades.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Somaliland Republic has beyond every doubt demonstrated throughout his diplomatic expertise a belief in a constructive policy of engagement in international issues for peace, democracy and security relevant issues. Through his praiseworthy actions and profound diplomatic foresight, the Minister of Foreign Affairs have put an end to all those pessimistic voices and false impression circulated by Somaliland’s enemies, inside and outside the country. Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs Ho. Mohamed Bihi Yonis Proves his Critics Vehemently Wrong.

Being Somalilander is something special!

In less than 22 years, the Republic of Somaliland has been transformed from a forgotten and disadvantaged area; a sort of remote and second-hand ex-Northern Regions of Somalia, into a peaceful, prosperous, democratic, socially and economically vibrant country! Somalilanders have consolidated themselves, revived the long neglected infrastructures and social services, they developed the economic aspects of the country. Given the painful past and all atrocities endured by Somaliland people, this transformation is a remarkable achievement.

Somaliland people are known for their peace loving attitude, their perseverance and broadmindedness, freedom of expression, fight for freedom, culture of concession and tolerance. The true nature, power, moral fibre and quality of the people of Somaliland manifests when we are united and when we stand together- not when we are a splintered, quarrelling and polarized nation.

I believe there is something special about being Somalilander! The spirit of Somalilanders, our capacity for common and shared destiny that allows us to pull together in times of challenge and adversity, our natural problem-solving capacity that has served our country perfectly and helped us maintain our peace, stability and democracy; all those God-given qualities are something so special! It is something that we should be proud of being Somalilanders!

Regardless of the obvious progress and diplomatic advancement of the current Somaliland’s foreign and international cooperation policy, there will be always people who are prepared to take a second look, particularly those groups who are extremely sceptical, intolerant and narrow-minded who are apparently uncommitted and unconvinced for the Somaliland’s cause and case.

The antagonists of our country and nation (internal and external) leave no stone unturned to damage the name and existence of Somaliland. The fact is that the Republic of Somaliland is today more stronger than ever before to endure the ever increasing existential threat from the internal and external enemies. Regardless how much hatred and jealously are written, published and propagated on those biased media outlets (TVs, websites and newspapers), Somaliland’s case and cause, democracy process and its efforts for self-determination as a sovereign State will prevail.

May ALLAH (SXWT) protect and bless the Republic of Somaliland and its People