Somaliland: Ayans Surgery Successful



Moody Bodle

AUSTRALIA: (Somalilandsun) – The surgery of Ayan Osman has been successfully completed in Brisbane Australia says Dr. Edna Adan.

The surgery that was performed by more than 23 Doctors ended in rosier scenario. The Doctors who have specialized in different capacities i.e. Maxillofacial surgeon, Plastic surgeon, Consultants surgeon took them 11 nonstop hours to execute the surgery.

Ayan had suffered a terrible mine explosion accident a decade and a half ago and could not get any medical assistance whatsoever in Africa despite tireless efforts.

Luckily Somaliland most respectable lady, humanitarian activist and medical Dr. Edna Adan has turned the wheels for Ayan long wishes of getting medical help.

After a few attempts and overcoming obstacles in receiving a visa all doors opened for Ayan and departed to Brisbane with Dr. Edna to undergo the multi specialized surgery which has ended successfully.