Somaliland’s Case is Historically, Politically, and legally Justifiable


By: Mohamed A.Mohamoud

Somalilandsun – On May 18 1991, the ex-British Somaliland Clan Representatives and Somali National Movement (SNM) leadership had collectively and enthusiastically proclaimed that Somaliland British protectorate restored its independence and political sovereignty. This dissolution of 1960 merger was nonviolent, accurate, applicable and timely. Therefore, this paper is very much arguing that Somaliland‟s case of rejection and withdrawal from the abortive and unrepresentative merger is historically, politically and legally justifiable. It also argues that the driving forces behind this decision included the need to achieve justice, equality, democracy, as well as, the creation of credible freedom for Somaliland citizens and durable peace in the Horn of Africa.

This is the abstract of an essay by the author, which is now available online (PDF) version by clicking here.


Mohamed A.Mohamoud (Barawaani) is an independent research, co-founder of Somaliland Independent Think- Tank. He can be E-Mail