Somaliland: Youthful Councillor Elected City Mayor


Mayor SoltelcoBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – A special session of the Hargeisa local council has elected a new mayor to replace the former occupant Eng. Yusuf Warsame Saeed who passed away last week.

Councillor Abdirahman Mahmud Aideed was elected Mayor of Hargeisa during full sitting of the city council chaired by deputy mayor cum acting mayor Cllr Abdiaziz Mohamed Agaweine.

The new mayor who was unopposed was voted in without any dissent from all councillors thus become the second city second father since the new council was elected during the 28th Nov 2012 local council elections.

The youthful mayor popular known as Abdirahman Solteco who won his council membership under sponsorship of the ruling Kulmiye party replaces the late Eng. Yusuf Warsame Saeed who was the original party choice for the office.

The full council of 24 memebers that elected the new mayor included Councillor Hasan Shah of whom the sitting was the first for him having replaced the late former mayor Eng. Yusuf Warsame.

Councillor Hasan Shah was nominated by the ruling Kulmiye party to fill the council membership void that ensued as a result of the demise of Eng. Warsame.

Upon his election the new city father Mayor Abdirahman Solteco thanked the memebers for their confidence in his abilities which he promised to utilize to the optimum.

To witness the occasion were The interior minister Hon Duur Arale and Maroodi-jeeh regional governor Mr Mohamed Mahmud Jiin-yare who congratulated the council for the ease in which it had made the transitional and maturity it displayed following the death of late Eng. Yusuf Warsame Saeed who passed away last week in the UAE where he was receiving medical attention.