Somaliland:Registrar of Political Parties Holds Conflict Resolution Training for Political Associations


Somalilandsun:Registrar of Political Parties Holds Conflict Resolution Training for Political Associations

The national commission for registrations of political parties and organizations has held a conflict resolution conference for the ten political associations in Hargeisa.

The two days symposium was opened by commissioner Muhyadin.

Addressing the participants the registrar commissioner elaborated that the national registrar of political is the only body the law mandates to issue political parties licence.

He refuted fake news circulating on social media purporting that the political parties have been already been issued with operating licences.

Commissioner Muhyadin revealed that the all political organizations were given a temporary operating licences to mobilise their supporters, open new offices in regions and campaign to fulfil the requirements for their registrations.

He stated that the licences were issued in August and expired in November 2022.

The commissioner revealed that they wrote letters on 25th December 2022 to the three national political parties Kulmiye. UCID and Wadani informing them that their 10 years licences had expired.

He also stated that the registrar of political parties sent a list of 13 political associations which include 10 new political organizations and the 3 national political parties to Somaliland National Electoral Commission (SLNEC) secretariat on 21st December 2022.

He said SLNEC is mandated by law to hold elections for the 13 political associations and the 3 frontrunner will become national political parties for 10 years.

The conference started after the briefing by commissioner Muhyadin.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir