Somaliland Nationals in Kassel, Germany Hold 18th May Celebrations


Somalilandsun: Nationals in Kassel, Germany Hold 18th May Celebrations

Somaliland migrants in the city of Kassel, Germany came out in large numbers to celebrate 32nd anniversary of independence from Somalia.

Amongst the participants were Somaliland envoy to Germany and popular singer Mrs.Sarah Ileys.

Also attending the colourful events were some opposition politicians, Somaliland students in Germany and other diaspora citizens.

Speaking at the function opposition party Wadani secretary general Mr.Ahmed Ibrahim said “I’m greeting all of you who’ve gathered here today to celebrate with us this great occasion, Somaliland independence day of 18th May.”

All the dignitaries who spoke at the podium sent their best wishes to the people of Somaliland on this auspicious occasion of independence day celebrations. They urged the people in the country to unite for the good of the nation.

Somaliland regained her independence on 18th May 1991 following a bloody war with the regime of the late Somalia despot Colonel Siad Barre.

More the 50,000 Somaliland citizens lost their lives in the struggle for independence.

Somaliland independence from Britain in 1960 was short-lived in united with Italian colony Somalia.

The ill-fated union impacted the people of Somaliland adversely, they were marginalised and discriminated upon.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir