Somaliland:Prominent Somaliland Cleric Sentenced to Five Years Imprisonment


Somalilandsun:Marodijeeh regional court has ruled the judgments of several people who
were awaiting trial. One of them is the prominent Somaliland cleric Sheikh
Adam Abdirahman Warsame popularly known as Sheikh Adam Sune who has been in
incarceration for quite awhile. Also in the dock were many youngsters from
Hargeisa, mostly charged with petty crime.

The cleric who has been in custody since last September was sentenced to 5
years imprisonment for propagating anti government agenda in his religious
sermons. The number of the convicted persons was 18 however 2 were
sentenced in absentia. They were given sentences ranging from 9 years to 1
year. One of the youths was released after finishing his one year term in

The people of Hargeisa and her environs were open ears waiting in
anticipation the sentencing of this famous cleric. The many people see his
sentencing as politically orchestrated since the former regime of president
Silanyo wanted to silence this outspoken mullah. Political pundits in
Somaliland are in the opinion that the current president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi
will rescind this political decision and pardon Sheikh Adam Sune who has
been incapacitated for his outspokenness.