Somaliland:Prominent Politician Warns of Dishonest Government Officials


Somalilandsun:Well-Known politician Mr. Jamal Ali Hussein has condemned the outright lies
and propaganda spread by top government official to mislead the population.
In a terse political statement he shared on his Facebook account Mr. Jamal
said that he was saddened by the state of affairs in the country. He went
on to reveal that some people in government had made the habit of spreading
lies on behalf of their superiors while others were busy making people
believe these lies as facts.

The former opposition presidential aspirant for the party of justice and
development (UCID) who later on defected to the ruling party Kulmiye has
been outspoken for the first time since joining the rank and file of the
ruling party. The Harvard educated banker turned politician did not shy
away to speak his mind to level his misgivings to his party; as it is a
taboo in Somaliland political landscape to criticize your own party.

He said Somaliland’s electorate have been exploited by these dishonest
politicians who sell their aspirations and future through lies and

By: Guled Abdi Mahir