Somaliland:National Party (Wadani) Accuse Hargeisa Mayor and Egal Airport Manager of Corruption


Somalilandsun:The National Party (Wadani) secretary of youths and sports affairs Mr.Yonis
Ahmed Yonis has criticized the incumbent mayor of Hargeisa Hon.Abdirahman
Mohammud Aideed (Solteco) for colluding with the manager of Egal
International Airport to fleece the taxpayers. Accpording to Mr.Yonis the
mayor was given an illegal contract to reconstruct the parking lot of the

The opposition youth leader said that the manager of Egal airport has
created a parking space and given it to the mayor with passing through
Somaliland National Tender Board that is charged by the state to contract

The Wadani youthful Young Turk said that the airport manager had sacked
many employees from other clans and replaced them with his closest kith and
kin. He went on to say that the mayor and his accomplice in crime are from
the same ethnic community.

He called on the president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi to intervene
since he came to power with the promise to eradicate corruption. He asked
the head of state to make sure all public properties in the wrong hands
have been reinstated to the state.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir