Somaliland:Politicians Abdirahman Irro and Eng Warabe True Sons of Somaliland- Muj Hasan Isse


Somalilandsun – I hereby take this opportunity to commend the political maturity attained by the leaders of Somaliland Opposition Wadani and UCID parties.
His was stated by Muj Hasan Isse Jama in Hargeisa where he was sharing views with journalist Jibril Hirsi who is compiling a book on the history of Somaliland.
Muj Hasan Isse who was the first Vice President of Somaliland post withdrawal from union with Somalia said that historically the two Opposition party leaders shall enter into the annals of history for their love of this country.
“Though the duo of Abdirahman Irro of Wadani and Eng Feisal Ali of UCID had genuine reasons to dispute the controversial Nov 2017 presidential elections they opted to preserve national unity” said Muj Hasan
Stressing that related complaints put forth by the duo were enough to force the electoral commission cancel the elections, the former freedom fighter said they held their horses for the sake of the country.
Said he, “for this noble act they deserve and are worthy of entering the annals of Somaliland history”
According to the now national hero, if the two opposition party leaders had been adamant in their quest to dispute the rigged ballot Muse Bihi would not only have failed to ascend the presidency but clan conflict would have ensued.
Revealing that numerous other citizens are also worthy of inclusion in the forthcoming book on the history of Somaliland, Muj Hasan Isse Jama concluded by urging Abdirahman Irro and Eng Feisal Ali Warabe to maintain their stand as pertains to the very being of Somaliland
For the country which has never chronicled its history the incoming book by journalist Jibril Hirsi is highly anticipated

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