Somaliland:Parliament Approves the New Central Bank of Somaliland Governor


Somalilandsun:The lower House of Representatives early today voted for the new central
bank of Somaliland governor. The parliamentary session was chaired by the
first vice chairman of the house Hon.Ahmed Yassin Ali Ayanle. The new
governor Mr.Ali Ibrahim Jama (Bagdadi) was recently appointed by President
Musa Bihi to counter runaway inflation. Mr. Bagdadi as is popularly known
is a career banker.

This is according to Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) reporters at parliament
building. After the vote tallying the new governor garnered 62 votes, no
member abstained or voted against in that respect he was officially
confirmed as the new central bank of Somaliland governor.

Before the vote the governor put forward his strategic plan to fight the
inflation that had cost his predecessors their jobs. He also promised to
revive the value of the Somaliland Shillings which has hit rock bottom low.