Somaliland:Minister of Public Works and Housing Accuses Puntland/Somalia Administration for Preparation to Go to War with Somaliland in Buuhoodle


Somalilandsun:The minister of public works and housing Mr.Abdirashid Haji Dua’le Qambi
has accused the Puntland administered region of Somalia for engineering yet
another bloody war in Buuhoodle region of Somaliland.

He called on the people of Buuhoodle to be wary of Puntland government
ploy to fuel another civil war by pitting clans against each other so as to
start another civil strife in the region. The minister went on to warn the
inhabitant to be vigilant in protecting their newly found peace and
prosperity from the war mongers of Puntland.

The minister was addressing thousands of jubilant residents who had come
out in droves to welcome his delegation into Buuhoodle town.

According to Somaliland News Agency ( the minister was on a
fact finding mission to assess the state of the region in terms of peace
and standard of living. Speaking to the town’s inhabitant the minister said
“Today the people of Buuhoodle don’t need another tribal war they are
thirsty of development. They don’t need a clan war what transpired at
Kalshale is fresh in their minds so those fronting to bring armed militias
into the region have sinister motive and the people of Buuhoodle are not
ready for another bloody confrontations they want schools for their
children hospitals for their sick and transport infrastructure to catalyze
development of the region.”

On the other hand the minister confirmed that the Puntland administration
is beating the drums of war because Mr.Abdiweli Gaas tenure of office is
almost over in this respect he wants to find away to cling to power by
starting another war in the region.

Minister Qambi and his delegation were also welcomed in Qori-Lugud town by
traditional leaders and district administrators upon their arrival in the
vicinity. The delegation also found time to visit Maygaagle, Sool jogto and
Kalshale areas Buuhoodle region to see how the people were fairing.