Somaliland:Minister of Agriculture Development Holds a Mini Reshuffle


Somalilandsun:The minister of agriculture development Mr.Ahmed Mumin Seed has held a mini reshuffle in the different departments comprising his ministry. According
to a circular by the minister which Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) 

After a lot of soul searching and putting in mind importance of different
departments in the development of Agriculture in the country; following
extensive consultations with experts in different sections of the ministry
and after I was satisfied with the credentials of the applicants of the
different positions available I have appointed the following to take the
mantle of leadership at these departments to further develop agriculture in
Somaliland, they are as follows……..

1. Hassan Abdi Jama Khayre (Head of Department Finance and Logistics)

2. Yasmin Hassan Said Diriir (Human Resource Department)

3. Abdirisak Abdillahi Ibrahim (Department of Agriculture
Development and Storage)

4. Abdigani Yusuf Galaydh (Department of Land, Water and Atmospheric

5. Mohammed Dahir Warsame Farah ( Department of Agriculture Research
and Policy Implementation)

6. Mohammed Said Mohammed Mohammud (Department of Farms Reclamation)

7. Zaam Ahmed

The minister urged the new appointees to work diligently and honestly to
make sure that the ministry of agriculture policies is implemented to the
latter so that the Somaliland could reach her ambition to be self
sufficient in feeding her population.



  1. It’s time for the Ministry to look into the expansions of building on fine grassland I have in mind the seerah J(excuse my spelling ) in Borama,this green space has been guarded by the Somalis and the British for over a century now their is a possibility it could dissapear.