Somaliland:JLPG Social Services Decentralisation Meeting Held in Borama Town


Somalilandsun:JLPG Social Services Decentralisation Meeting Held in Borama Town

The 23rd social sector decentralisation technical working group meeting was held in Rays Hotel, Borama.

Theme of meeting was improving basic service delivery at district level. The JLPG project, which is funded by UNICEF in-conjunction with the ministry of internal security, seeks to implement decentralisation of social services, to the grass-root level.

The two day workshop brought together all mayors and their deputies.

Addressing the participants the mayor of Borama municipality Mr.Mohamed Ahmed Warsame welcomed his colleagues to meeting.

He said “ As you are all aware this is the second meeting held in our town. The JLPG decentralisation technical working group meeting is very important for all local authorities, to enhance social services delivery.”

JLPG program coordinator Mr. Hussein Mohamud Jiciir revealed that after every 45 days they converge to brain storm the progress of decentralisation project. He said “Our technical team has to meet to discuss the pending issues pertaining decentralisation of all aspects of the project be it education, health, water and sanitation and DDF program activities at district level.”

Director general at the ministry of health Mr. Mohamed Abdi Heergeye confirmed his ministry elaborate scheme to decentralise health services to all districts. He stated “Our ministry is at the forefront of working hand in hand with JLPG implementing organisation to mobilise health resources to communities in all areas of the countryside and districts.”

By: Guled Abdi Mahir