Somaliland:If the upcoming elections are postponed, Somaliland security will be uncertain



Slnnews-Somaliland; the country that has declared its independence from the rest of former Somalia, claims that it had chosen the multi party system of democracy.

Internationally, the Somaliland value is measured by the security and democratic elections. These statehood indicators are dependent on each other; this means if there was not security, there would not be election, and if the elections were not held there would not be security. The current administration is formulating an extension of its term to remain in the office for illegal period of time.

This action may push Somaliland into new era of prolong conflicts and political crisis that threat the fragile peace in Somaliland and the currently regional disputes will escalate as response to any postponement of presidential election. Today, Somaliland people agree on only one thing which is the need for the departure of current clan based government.

This kind of administration will be terminated after the coming elections scheduled on 26 of June. Still, there is a sufficient period of time to complete the voter registration process and any electoral requirements. Of course, there are not any challenges that force the government to postpone the elections except that the ruling part KULMIYE found itself disliked among the people, but the advocators of election postponement did not take account the Implications that might arise sooner if the elections are nor held on the pre-determined time.

This would have serious repercussions on the Somaliland arena and could open the doors for chaos and the collapse of the relative peace in the country. In addition to that, the election postponement might also distort the image of the Somaliland under the international opinion, especially after a good impression which resulted in the last presidential election that has shown that eagerness of Somaliland people for democratic reform. Therefore, any setback for the sequenced elections could lead the nation to uncertain future.

By : Abdihakim Musse Ali