Somalilanders are Natural Entrepreneurs


Woman Street Vendor at Waheen market in Hargeisa Somaliland photo By Khadar Mohamed Abdi

Somalilandsun – “Somalis are naturally entrepreneurs“ were some of the words of President George Bush Junior when he ordered the closure of money remittance services to Somalia after the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11.
Before the urbanisation in some regions of Somaliland, nomads brought hides and skins and livestock to the market and exchanged them for sugar, rice, dates and clothes. Some nomads would give a few sheep or goats on credit to a merchant who would export them to Aden in Yemen and who later brought back food, clothes and other commodities for the nomad’s family.
Nomads trade with the cities and towns of Somaliland still continues. Women bring milk in containers from the villages and nomadic areas to markets for sale. This mode of trade which dates back centuries shows how entrepreneurship is embedded in Somaliland culture and traditions.
In a piece blogger Mohammed Ahmed Ali (Medeshi) writes that Somalilanders are Natural Entrepreneurs