Somaliland Revitalizes the Horn of Africa with Foreign Investment Deals


Unrecognized Somaliland Puts Horn of Africa on the Map

Somalilandsun-While the rest of Somalia was engulfed in violence and chaos Somaliland remained relatively unscathed, but its lack of official status and close association with a failed state from whose union with it withdrew in 1991, has made it very difficult to attract overseas capital.

This appears to be changing as the construction of a new port in Berbera and the prospect of a new Emirati military base in the country point to an exciting new start for the country as it starts to attract foreign investment and recognition. But the uncertain legal environment for investors, lack of a functioning banking system, widespread poverty and a largely agriculturally based economy are all major problems which cannot be easily overlooked.
Merlin Linehan of takes a look at the prospects and pitfalls around investing in Somaliland in a piece titled How Somaliland Is Putting The Horn of Africa On The Map