Somaliland:Are Opposition Politicians in Cahoots with Crooked Car Dealers?


Juk Cars for the Somaliland market

Somalilandsun – Lately there has been a spat between the government of Somaliland and Used Cars, Importers because of the safety checks of the vehicles coming into the country, and now the opposition are involved and calling it a roadblock.
The new system the government brought is not a roadblock it is preventing faulty cars coming into the car and to reduce accidents.
When I saw the reactions of the opposition parties and some mps who are siding with the car salesmen to deceive people and even siding the people selling their patriotism to ship the defective and unsafe cars to Somalia then through Somaliland which is unacceptable and that every citizen of Somaliland will not tolerate and that government will take firm actions on that. Those who refuse to pay taxes and the inspection fee in Somaliland, and rather pay in Somalia and bring to Somaliland for free that will not work and it is treason.
There is one gentleman who was disturbed yesterday from the article of the port of Bossoso port threat and that one gentleman I can’t mention the name for privacy concerns got really offended by this when another gentlemen who said that that is treason that the men are doing and I agree with him and that gentlemen is vulgar things to that man and he said and I quote what the hell is wrong with you and called him an angry oldman and that was uncalled for and that he was expressing his opinion and express in a civilized manner, and that many Somalis who came through Canada, come through the United States first, they get a US drivers license and by a car and then they move to Canada with their Cars from America and that was going like that since the 1980’s up until 9/11, and I was one of them too and that is not treason.
Treason is not bringing the Cars in from Detroit Michigan, USA, and crossing them to Windsor Ontario, Canada and selling them in the Canadian markets that is not treason. I brought Cars from Dubai to Somaliland all the time and that is not treason, and I used to bring cars from the US into Canada before 9/11, which made import and export cars difficult into both countries. even after 9/11 it is even difficult to cross the border of Canada and America from a car rental from Enterprise and that you need the permission of the rental company to cross the border. I agree with government bring the testing facilities into Somaliland, to check the quality of the vehicle, and regardless if it is owned by a private company of foreigners, and they have this program in Canada called Drive clean and that dealers by law have to deal with it when they are buying and selling their vehicles and that goes for private parties as well.
By: WarfaWarfa