Somaliland: Youths Commemorated Nationwide


SomalilandYouths at a past national event in Hargeisa

By Guled Abdi Mahir
SomalilandSun – The 1982 youth revolt against the barbaric heavy handedness meted to Somaliland people by the late Somalia despot Col.Mohammed Siad Barre regime whereby dozens of youth were shot dead during a peaceful demo turned violent was earmarked to become a national day to be marked on the 20th day of every month of February annually.

It was named the ‘National Youths Day’ through a presidential decree and was celebrated countywide.
A ceremony to celebrate the National Youth Day which was organized by the ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports inconjuction with the youths umbrella body SONYO and was held at Guleid Hotel in Hargeisa.
The festival was attended by the vice president H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael (Sayli’i),the speaker of the lower house of representatives who is also the chairman of opposition National Party (Wadani) Hon.Abdirahman Mohammed Abdilahi (Irro),chairman of party of Justice and Development (UCID) Mr.Faisal Ali Warabe,deputy chairman of the ruling party Kulmiye Mr.Mohammed Kahin Abdi to name a few, also occationing the celebration were ministers,politicians,youth organizations top officials and member of the general public.
Speaking at the festival the vice president H.E Sayli’i had these to say “I’m overwhelmed by this beatiful ceremony organized by the Youth Ministry and SONYO, I thank you very much for the scrupulous and thorough way you have organized this marvellous celebration. You all know as earlier said the importance of this day to the Youth of Somaliland and the president of the republic earmarked so that we could forever remenisce the struggle we underwent to become an independent state and forever cherish our endeavours that never went to waste.
On the other hand the vice president stated that the youths were the leaders of tomorrow who will bring change to the country. He advised them to work hard to reach their aspiration in the nation’s building agenda. He urged political parties officials and politicians to resist talking politics in such functions.
The three political parties bosses present Wadani,Kulmiye and UCID also gave their counsel to the Youth and gave brief history about how the day came about to be celebrated. They all had praises to shower the Youth umbrella body SONYO for working towards the agenda of youth development in Somaliland.

The I982 youth monument was also visited to remind the youth the long struggle to attain Somaliland freedom from then shackles of a monstrous dictatorship.