Somaliland: “After Politicking on Foreign Military Base is Completed” My ministry will take Charge” Minister Adami


Reveals the Somaliland: Defense Minister On queries about Reasons behind His Absence from UAE Military Base Deal
Flanked by an army officer Somaliland defense minister says his ministry will take over the UAE military base/file

By Guleid Abdi Mahir
Somaliland: The minister of defense Mr.Ahmed Ali A’adami has finally spoken about public speculation for his sidelining in the UAE Military Base deal since his ministry was entitled representation as the base project which falls under the defense docket.

In an exclusive interview to Somali language newspaper Geeska Afrika whereby he also spoke about the newly elected Somalia president Mr.Mohammed Abdillahi (Farmajo) he had these to state “I say many things pertaining the UAE military base deal are still in the pipeline and awaiting completions so people should be patient and should not be judgmental since everything happens through the will and divine powers of our creator Almighty Allah and fails because of his divine powers pertaining destiny moreover we are humans so if we perceive everything awkwardly and find fault in all issues it’s not good and could become an out of a frying pan into fire situation literally.”
When asked why senior officers with expertise in military affairs and conversant with matters touching on national security of the country were excluded from the government of UAE agreement with Somaliland to establish air /naval base at Berbera and why his ministry which the UAE Military Base comes under lacked representation in the deal he said “When some aspects of the agreement are complete our time will come there are procedures to follow so when their time comes the expert officers will be involved so until then we shouldn’t waste our time with what doesn’t concern us because I have been asked on several occasions this matter falls under your docket then why are you out of the picture? my answer is simple everything has its time the caller of prayer the muazin calls for prayer but he doesn’t lead the prayer then after the Imam lead the prayer. In this respect we have procedures to follow so we shouldn’t be hasty and conclusive.”
Pertaining our querry about some documents forwarded to the Senate (Guurti) concerning increments of the president’s term of office and his stance on this issue he stated “ First of all this Guurti is our Senate so their is no cause of alarm since they have all along been with us through many difficult times and there are quite a knowledgeable lot amongst them so I have no doubt they won’t go against the will of the Somaliland people.”
The defense minister sent the new Somalia president Mr.Farmajo a massive he said “I hope the new Somalia president comes with good intentions and sincerity this is not the right time to critcize ,underestimate or gossip about the new president. He is aware what transpired between Somaliland and Somalia what happened and what they (Somalia) did to our people and country he knows very well it is a reality so I think Mr.Farmajo understands very well that Somaliland won’t be coaxed or forced to another union that is history and a close chapter.”