Somaliland: Youth inclusion in Peace-building processes and meaningful Youth engagement

Somalia coalition on Youth Peace and Security

Somalilandsun: We, the members of the Somalia coalition on Youth Peace and Security with more than 11 youth organizations working on empowering youth, women and children on conflict prevention, peace-building and sustainable development goals in Somalia and Somaliland, recognize all efforts of the governments done by to contain and prevent the rapid spread of Covid-19.
As a coalition, our members are working in various parts of Somaliland and Somalia including Puntland, South West and Mogadishu, with collective resolve to alleviate the destabilizing impact of Covid-19 and help our communities recover quickly from the pandemic through community sensitization and education, combating fake news, distribution of relief materials and monitoring of public policies.
As a coalition, we are concerned about the level of youth inclusion in both peace-building
processes and decision-making institutions. A recent UNDP Report estimates over 70% of the population are under the age of 30, thus they are minority of all decision-making institutions.
Only few elders and politicians have the final say of every sector of the society, including: Peacebuilding, politics, tradition and civil society matters. Since the Youth are marginalized in politics and peace-building efforts, the armed voices got the opportunity to attract the unemployed marginalized youth – and this is the problem in Somalia. We cannot achieve sustainable peace and security without including the youth – who are the majority of the population, in decision-making institutions.
As a coalition, we are calling for the governments of Somaliland and Somalia to a take serious steps in achieving meaningful youth engagement, since both sides are expecting to have elections by 2020/2021, so, it is the time that the Youth voices to be listened and heard enough and to include the election process.
Adnan Abdo Mohamed
Preceding convener
Endorsing Organizations
1. Horn Youth Leaders Forum(Hargeisa)
2. Siraad Initiative (Hargeisa)
3. Center for youth empowerment (Burao)
4. SOYVO Youth Center (Burao)
5. Maandhis Organization (Mogadishu)
6. Kalsan Youth Organization (Kismayo)
7. Horn of Africa Youth Initiative (Hargeisa)
8. South West Youth Vision (Baidoa)
9. Awdal Youth volunteers (Borama)
10. Haldoor Forum (Garowe)
11. Qardho Youth Association (Qardho)