Somaliland: Youngsters in Borama Warned of Involvement of Gang Activities


Mr Haddi Borama Mayor

• Borama Mayor: ‘Actions engaged by some youths in Borama Unbearable’

• He calls parents not to get tired of giving advice to children to prevent child delinquency increase.

By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

BORAMA (Somalilandsun) – The Mayor of Borama city Mr. Saleban Hassan Haddi, gave strong warning against formation of gangs to the youngsters in Borama who recently involved in robbery actions which instigated the destructions and material loss of some businessmen in Borama village.

“Actions of some youths who live in Borama became threat to the security of the region, their gang activities is completely unbearable. Delinquency of youths in Borama has increased. I am advising them to show vigilance against committing crimes. I am encouraging them to avoid actions which can result instability or that can became threat to the region’s security. We won’t tolerate their wrong doings and take action from them.

“Anyone who infringes the commandments and the rules of the country will appear in court of law. Continuing infringements made by Borama youngsters will have negative impact on the future of our children. I am calling parents not to get tired of giving advises to their children in order to prevent the increase of child delinquency,” Said Mayor of Borama Haddi.

The mayor added that the gang activities by youth in Borama is on the increase and spoke about the recent incident that self-organized gangs have mugged and destroyed of the assets of some businessmen.

Reports added that the youngsters who engaged in these robbery activities were fighting each other in one of villages of Borama city which eventually caused material casualties.

Mayor Haddi speaking about his plan to tackle such activities to happen again said, “It is the parents of the wrongdoers who always defend their children from punishment to be imposed. Region’s security forces and the administration of the region are cooperating in fighting against such activities to happen again which might have dire consequence on the security.”

Youngsters who are organizing themselves as gangsters have increased in the main cities of Somaliland and in a recent massive police operation netted the detention of more than 60 persons including hooligans, recidivists and youths who practice making offences repeatedly.