Somaliland: Uproar over PPR&VC Term Extension


Eng Feisal A Warabe

By Guled Abdi Mahar

Hargeisa (Somaliland sun) – The chairman of opposition part UCID Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe and parliamentarian Ibrahim Jama Rayte and Mr. Qabille have strongly criticized a presidential decree for the renewal of the national Political parties Registration and verification Committee-PPR&VC expired term of office .

While speaking from different venues that it was unconstitutional and abuse of power on the side of the president H.E Ahmed Mohamud to bypass election law No 14 that limits the commission term to two years only. UCID Member of Parliament Mr. Qabille said that the president should have a medical test to certain his health status to know if he is capable to make sound judgment in his day to day work, because he seems not to respect the countries laws.

This commission was created by a parliament act and cannot be changed by a presidential decree it can only be changed by a parliamentary act, the president needs to find a legal advisor to advise him on what the constitution states.

The UCID party boss said that this shows that the president is not doing his work the way he should, he sings whatever is put on the desk without verifying if it’s legal or illegal.

“The president was supposed to consult the opposition before enacting the decree”, Mr. Faisal said.

It has become a norm for the president Ahmed Mohammed Mohammud to break the country constitution with impunity.