Somaliland: Yes to Relations with China, No to Interference with Taiwan’s -President Bihi

Somaliland: Yes to Relations with China, No to Interference with Taiwan's -President Bihi
Somaliland President hosts a High Level Chinese Delegation-file photo

Somalilandsun: While we have no objections to China relations , Beijing should cease ongoing pursuit of undermine Somaliland- Taiwan relations.
This was stated by Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi, during an exclusive interviewinterview with VOA-Somali service in Washington DC
Stating that Somaliland was a sovereign , democratic and peaceful nation thence open to engagement with any and all like minded, President Bihi went on to urge China against her ceaseless efforts to undermine his country’s quest for International recognition.
Though Somaliland a former British protectorate withdrew from her 1960 voluntary later turned fateful Union with Somalia a former Italian colonial 30 years ago, she is only acknowledged as a de-facto state.
While a number of countries like Ethiopia, Turkey, Kenya, Djibouti, the UAE among others have established consular general presence in Hargeisa only Taiwan has a fully fledged embassy level mission.
In mid 2021 the entire world was put into a shocker after Taiwan and Somaliland announced they have established official relations .
This announcement was received badly in Somalia and by  ChinaSomalia and by  China where the authorities dispatched a high level delegation to Hargeisa.
Though the Beijing delegation came with a wallet full thus promises of large development projects, if Somaliland discards Taiwan, the enticement was refused.enticement was refused.
So far the two governments are collaborating within the arenas of healthcare, education, and maritime security among other sectors, activities overseen by their respective diplomatic missions in Taipei and Hargeisa.
China which is an ardent one Somalia advocate thus anti-Somaliland independence, considers Taiwan as her province.
In Mogadishu consequent administrations propped by the international community continue to claim jurisdiction over Somaliland.
On the Chinese angle President Bihi was categorical to the fact that Somaliland was ready for better relations with China so long as they did not any way interfere with the Taipei-Hargeisa pact.
President Bihi is on a ten days official working visit to the US where he has held discussions with Biden administrations, Legislators from both the Senate and House of Representatives and the UN as well as businesses and the Somaliland Diaspora there.

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