Somaliland: Yemen Government Officials Seek Refuge


The Yemeni officials arrived in somaliland aboard NAPHT AL YEMEN 1 tanker

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- Refugee reception officials at Berbera have registered the first large number of senior Yemeni government officials seeking refuge in Somaliland.
This development follows the docking of NAPHT1 tanker at the port of Berbera where it dislodged its cargo of 28 Yemeni nationals reportedly to be senior government officials among them a cabinet level member whose identity is yet to be confirmed.
According to a Somalilandsun source all the arrivals are all government officials and their families whose escape from the Saudi led war against Houthi rebels emanated from the port of Aden current seat of the beleaguered administration of president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi.
Among the arrivals is a seriously wounded person who is currently being treated at a local hospital in Berbera for bullet wounds sustained during ongoing skirmishes in Aden.
While the NAPHT Yemen 1 tanker batch is the highest ranked from the government of Yemen to Somaliland which is host to over 20,000 safe haven seekers among them citizens of Somalia, Ethiopia, Somaliland and Yemen, Somalilandsun can confidently inform that two ships with over 2000 among them many escaping president Al-Hadi officials have already left Aden and headed to Berbera.