Somaliland: Yemen and Somali Refugees


2006 photo somalis Seeking refuge in Yemen

By: Yumoha Pasha
Somalilandsun – while it would be absurd for one not to extend a helping hand to a needy people just as nations in the Horn of Africa like Somaliland, Djibouti and Somalia are being called upon to do for their neighbours from Yemen escaping conflict, it would be naïve not to remember.
Thus and not to be misconstrued as one uncompassionate in lieu of the plight of Yemenis seeking safe harbours in Somali inhabited country it would be also absurd not recalling incidents occurring in December 2006.
A Somali Woman seeking refuge is fished DEAD out of Yemeni WatersAccording to the UNHCR at least 17 people were killed and 140 missing after two boats packed with people fleeing Somalia capsized off the coast of Yemen on 28th Dec 2006.
The Fateful incident occurred after Yemeni security forces opened fire on smugglers trying to bring more than 500 people into the country across the Gulf of Aden to a remote stretch of Yemen’s coastline as reported by Un News Centre. Continue Reading

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