Somaliland: Value of Ramadan Vis ‘a’ Vis Readers Comments


Somalilandsun – Addressing the wayward trends of some readers utilizing the comments section of this site is a very important to address the issue urges Sheikh Imam Samatar .
Below is a piece written on the sheikh on the subject

Ramadan is here and it is the best time of year for Muslims right before Dhul Haji first 9 days.
Ramadan is a time of kindness and forgiveness and helping one another and not insulting and being rude to each other and that we are to express our opinion and that Islam values democracy and that we don’t tolerate swear words or rude or offensive comments and Ramadan is a time of discipline not only restricted from eating and drinking and seeing crude and doing improper behavior and Ramadan is about forgiveness and kindness and being nice to others.
I respect Somaliland sun and I am a frequent reader and that I praise your website and that even we are in the blessed month of Ramadan I have been seeing disturbing comments coming from people who are expressing their opinion in a negative way and I see back biting and insults and that we as muslims must control our tongue and that tribal insults is not tolerated and that anger is not tolerated and that there is a trouble maker by the pen name Darod Puntland with his arrogance and bulliness and that insulting tribes and people was justification especially on Ramadan and there is a good writer named Karim who did not allow this person rude opinion to go through and that this person called Karim a terrorist and alshabab because he said told darod puntland that it is Ramadan and don’t talk like that and that it is disrespectful to label our religion with a bunch of animals who kill and terrorize people for pleasure and that islam is a religion of peace and it is not condone violence and I pray for Darod Puntland that Allah give him guidance.
There is a story about Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) about anger and Ramadan and when a youth approached the Prophet (Peace be upon him) Prophet Mohamed replied that don’t angry and he replied this 3 times, another the Prophet asked his companions, do you know who the strong person is, his compajions replied one who is able to wrestle others down, No it is one who Is able to control our anger.
Please let’s control our anger and our tongues and May Allah forgive on our sins and May Allah reward us this Ramadan for our good deeds, Inshallah.
Sheikh Imam Samatar