Somaliland: Work on Roads to Continue, says Dadmadhedh RG


Governor Hurre

By M.A Egge

ODWEINE (Somalilandsun) – The regional governor for Dadmadhedh region has refuted press reports that an anti-government demonstration was held in Odweine.

“I state that there was no demonstration held against the tour of the delegation led by the Presidency Minister Hon. Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan,” said Gov. Jamal Hussein Hurre.

He was distraught that “the press blew issues out of proportions”.

He elaborated that the real issue was that of the arrest of two members of the youth apprehended for hurling abusive words towards Togdeer regional development committee chairman Mr. Mohamud Adan Deri that was blown out of proportion.

The governor said that the state would continue keeping its bargain on the part of the construction of Burao /Odweine/ Hargeisa road.

He said that a meeting that discussed in details the issue of being steadfast towards continued efforts in building the road was held in his office whereby a major mobilization for the construction was adopted.

He thanked the government for constructing 20km of the road.

He said that the committee was given Odweine donations of 250 goats and 35 thousand USD.

Gov. Hurre further said that an Odweine councilor instigated some youth members when he peddled rumours in town claiming that he was denied audience to speak on issues afflicting the region.