Somaliland: Women Building a Nation-pictorial


Somaliland women at work as  captured in Hargeisa by Alison Baskerville

Somalilandsun – For the first visitor to Somaliland, upon observing women, who in public are covered from head to foot in traditional clothing, the impression that the fair gender is trodden upon thence insignificant can be forgiven as discovered by Alison Baskerville.
Photographer Alison Baskerville who recently returned from Hargeisa, in Somaliland was struck by the women she met – from those working in the hospital, to others who have built their own businesses.

Somaliland women at work captured at Edna Hospital in Hargeisa by Alison Baskerville
The breathtaking images captured by the Photographer are to be exhibited as part of Women of the World festival in Hargeisa in July.
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