Somaliland: Witches Inundate Nation After Influx of People from Neighbouring Countries


Leaders of the Committee for the promotion of good deeds and deterrence to vice decry the increase of witchdoctors in Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – For fifteen years since the inception of our committee, we have basicly been to involved in the deterrence of anti-religious activities.
This was stated by the chairperson of the Committee for the promotion of good deeds and deteraance to vice Sheikh Anbdirahman Mohamed Abdale during an interview with hadhwanaagnews in Hargeisa.
“While we have mostly dealt with people using abusive words towards the prophet (PBUH), Religion and Allah we are now encountering the problem of witchcraft” said Sheikh Abdale
According to the anti-vice committee that operastes all over Somaliland three to four people habded over to police by the committee are arraigned in court on a monthly basis.
Sheikh Abdirahman M Abdale who informed that instances of people swearing uncouthly has seen a high reducation as a result of their activbities, the influx of witches in the country has increased.
“So far a large number of witches have been sentenced somde to as many as 20 years hard labour, thsanks to pertinent cooperation of our committee, the citizenry and police” added the chairman of the anti-vice committee.
The increase in those seeking the services of witches came to the fore after those serviced found out that they have been conned thence report to the committee that once endowed with evidence entraps the witchdoctors.
The swell in the numbers of people consulting witchdoctors is directly related to the influx of non-citizens residing in Somaliland in search of a safe haven as a result of insecurity in their home countries.
For Somaliland witchcraft is the malady engulfing the nation following its successful home grown peacebuliding and reconciliation mechanism that makes it, though yet to be recognized, the most peaceful country in the turbulent Horn of Africa region.